With spring break behind us and summer on the horizon, many people and families are recovering from a vacation or planning a new one. Vacations should involve fun activities and relaxation, though it is important to realize that many accidents and injuries can happen and disrupt your trip. If you already suffered an injury, contact a personal injury lawyer in Clearwater right away.

The following are some common vacation-related injuries.

Car accidents – Many people choose to travel by car or they rent a car when they arrive at their destination. A road trip has many risks, including fatigued driving, distracted driving, getting hit by a large truck on the highway, and more. Even after arriving at a destination safely, driving in an unfamiliar city can be dangerous and accidents are common.

Boat accidents – There is no doubt that boating and watersports are fun activities for any vacation by the water. However, many boat operators may be inexperienced and unfamiliar with the rules of the water, or they may get intoxicated or become distracted, leading to serious crashes. Another boat may crash into yours, your boat may capsize, your boat may run aground, and more.

Hotel injuries – Hotels have many amenities to provide comfort and convenience for guests, though many amenities can lead to injuries. Common hotel accidents include:

Swimming pool and spa accidents
Slip and falls
Elevator accidents
Falls down stairs
Exercise room accidents
Shuttle bus accidents
Food poisoning
Assaults due to negligent security
No matter how a vacation accident happened, you should allow a Clearwater personal injury lawyer to examine your legal rights.

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