A common concern for landlords, property owners, and business operators is the safety and security of their property. Since most states require that property owners take reasonable steps to protect tenants, employees, and customers, property owners are motivated to run a tight ship in order to avoid legal problems and lawsuits. If these steps are not taken, however, it can result in serious harm and damages to the property itself, as well as anyone on the property during the incident.

If a visitor or tenant is harmed while in an apartment complex, for example, the landlord can be held responsible for his/her injuries and suffering. There are several factors that can be used to hold a landlord responsible for negligent security and this can include a landlord:

  • Ignoring multiple complaints from tenants or guests about security issues
  • A lack of or inadequate security plans and procedures
  • Ignorance of the current crime conditions of the property and surrounding communities
  • Failure to complete background checks for employees or contractors
  • Poorly maintained security equipment such as defective cameras or locks
  • Insufficient lighting in parking lots or at the entrance of buildings
  • Failure to protect tenants’ confidential information such as lease documents or employment records
  • Failure to provide a level of security that is comparable to neighboring apartment complexes

While this is not an exhaustive list of evidence, this is a good basis for how a tenant can hold his/her landlord responsible in the event of crime on the property. When you sign a lease to live in an apartment, you should feel safe coming and going from your new home. If your landlord is responsible for not providing adequate security of your complex, and you are harmed, you deserve to seek compensation for your pain and emotional suffering.

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