When you are admitted to the hospital, you rightfully expect the medical staff will do everything in their power to improve your condition. What you don’t expect is to suffer additional and unnecessary injuries due to the negligence of the hospital staff. Unfortunately, many patients suffer such injuries during their time in the hospital, and the following are some common reasons why.

Slip and falls – Hospitals have many substances all around, including bodily fluids, IV solutions, sanitation chemicals, medications, and more. Staff members also use many supplies, including latex gloves, syringes, monitors, and other medical equipment. When any substances or debris gets left on the floor, patients may easily slip and fall, causing serious injuries. In addition, if a staff member fails to adequately assist a patient, they can lose their balance and fall down.

Negligent security – Hospitals have the duty to provide adequate security measures to protect the safety of patients. When a hospital fails to do so, people may enter the hospital and cause injuries to patients, including assaults or sexual assaults.

Wrongful death – Sometimes, the negligence of a hospital can lead to the untimely and tragic death of a patient who would have otherwise recovered. Wrongful deaths in hospitals can occur due to preventable infections, medication errors, failure to respond to critical situations, and many other mistakes on the part of staff members.

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