Looking for a new house or apartment to live in is already stressful enough without having to be concerned with negligent security, let alone having to worry about it constantly when living somewhere. Andreopoulos Law Firm in Florida is here to help you make the house hunting a little easier by providing some questions to help keep yourself safe later down the road.

  1. Is there a guard? Or is it a gated community?
    • If you are looking at a home in a high crime area it is wise to see if they have a guard on duty, or if you are required to enter a code to gain access to a gated community. Knowing that the parking area and grounds are on constant monitoring basis may deter any possible criminals. When only the residents can access gated communities there is an added feeling of safety and security.
  2. Do the windows lock?
    • It is important to make sure to examine all the windows of your potential living space. Do they lock or can they be modified to have extra locking mechanisms? Windows are potential points of entry when you have a break in.
  3. What is the lighting like?
    • When you are leaving or returning to your home in the early morning or late evenings, it’s important to make sure the parking areas are lit. Potential criminals will find dark areas to hide so it’s important to drive through your possible living area at night to make sure there is adequate lighting.
  4. What are the practices of the property management?
    • You may want to ask how management screens potential renters or what the move out procedure is. Do they conduct background checks? Do they replace locks and keys? Apartment owners have to make attempts to keep tenants safe and secure so when you are attacked or your home is broken in to you may be able to file a negligent security claim.

Take the right precautions when looking for a new place to live, especially if you have little ones around. Andreopoulos Law Firm wants you to be safe and if you are dealing with negligent security reach out to us today.