Serious Injuries from Slip and Falls

Serious Injuries from Slip and Falls

Serious Injuries from Slip and Falls

People slip and trip on a regular basis and, often, they can brush themselves off and keep going about their day, possibly embarrassed but uninjured. However, in some situations, a slip and fall accident can result in serious injuries and can completely disrupt a person’s life. The following are some common serious injuries suffered by slip and fall victims:

Soft tissue injuries – When you suddenly slip and fall, your instinct may be to try to catch yourself. This often means twisting or stretching in unnatural ways or landing hard on part of your wrist or arm. Such twisting and trauma can cause painful sprains, strains, or tears to your muscles, tendons, or ligaments.

Fractures – When you land on the ground after a slip and fall, the impact can cause fractures to various parts of the body. Some common fractures include to the hand, wrist, elbow, tailbone, and hip. In fact, slip and falls are one of the leading causes of hip fractures in older adults.

Concussions – Many people hit their heads when they fall, either on the ground or on a nearby shelf or object. Any trauma to the head can result in a concussion, which is a mild traumatic brain injury (TBI). The effects of a concussion can be serious, however, and may include unconsciousness, problems with cognitive processing, physical impairments, and more.

There are many other types of injuries you can sustain in a slip and fall accident that require medical treatment, time away from work, and more. No matter what type of injury you suffered, you should consult with a slip and fall attorney who can advise you of your rights to compensation.

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