Personal Injury Attorney in Trinity, FL

Personal Injury Attorney in Trinity, FL

Has a personal injury impacted your life? Your job? Your finances? If you’ve been injured because of someone else’s wrongdoing or negligence, you could be entitled to fair compensation. Andreopoulos Law Firm has offices in Holiday, FL and Clearwater, FL. he concentrates on cases that involve personal injuries. John Andreopoulos launched his firm back in 2002. Since then, our firm has grown, but its ethic has remained the same: we will pursue fair compensation for our clients through our zealous representation. John is a personal injury attorney in Trinity, FL who is experienced in this area of the law and is willing to stake his fees on it! That’s why he will not send you a bill unless he reaches an agreeable settlement for you or wins your case in court.

You’re a Person—Not a Case

Attorney John Andreopoulos is dedicated to establishing caring, professional relationships with his clients. John’s clients are not simply case numbers. John gets to know them, know their stories, and know what they’ve had to endure because of the negligent or reckless actions of someone else. John takes every case seriously and takes nothing for granted. John will do everything he can to secure a legal victory for his clients down to the most minute details. He won’t leave your compensation to chance. Attorney John Andreopoulos will work diligently to represent your interests in court or at the negotiating table.

About Personal Injury Law in Florida

Tort law varies depending on the type of case in question. For instance, in slip and fall cases, it’s up to the plaintiff (the injured party) to prove that the responsible party had prior knowledge of a hazardous condition and failed to address it properly in a reasonable amount of time. While some cases are more complex than others, it always behooves a client to turn to experienced legal counsel who has experience in this area of the law. Attorney John Andreopoulos focuses exclusively on personal injury cases, so you can rely on his consummate professionalism when engaging his services.

A person who has been injured because of another’s negligence or misconduct may be entitled to damages by law. In Florida, the injured party may be eligible for compensation related to their medical bills, missed wages, and pain and suffering. John has years of experience helping clients to calculate what fair compensation looks like for them. Staggering medical costs and long-term disabilities or permanent disabilities are just some of the things that an injured party endures. Our goal is to help alleviate that financial burden by representing their interests aggressively.

As A Personal Injury Attorney In Trinity, FL, John Concentrates On Personal Injury Law

Andreopoulos Law Firm focuses in certain areas of personal injury law that include:


If you’ve been injured in one of these types of cases, we invite you to schedule your free initial consultation with Attorney John Andreopoulos. John can go over the particulars of your case, helping you determine what course to take. If you choose to retain his services, he will not charge you unless he wins your case or help you achieve a fair compensation package through negotiation.

When John represents a client, he will do everything needed to provide them with outstanding legal guidance and representation. He will:

  • Obtain and manage necessary paperwork / documents
  • Deal with the insurance companies
  • Procure additional evidence as needed (i.e. video surveillance, witness statements)
  • Provide you with thorough communication of all matters relating to your case
  • Arrive at appointments punctually
  • Aggressively negotiate or litigate for you


Because John has handled thousands of personal injury cases, he has amassed an immense body of experience. He’ll put that experience to work for you.

If you or a loved one is searching for a top-notch personal injury lawyer in Trinity, FL, be sure to contact Andreopoulos Law Firm and schedule your free consultation.

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    Melissa Milosavljevic

    DEFINITELY will keep them on speed dial!!!!
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    Did a great job.

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