Slip and fall accidents are one of the most common types of personal injury claims in the U.S., affecting thousands of people every year. Slip and fall accidents result in a variety of different injuries ranging in severity from minor sprains to concussions. While slip and fall accidents can occur anywhere, there are several different locations where these kind of accidents tend to occur most frequently. These areas include:

Grocery and Retail Stores: From wet floors lacking warning signage to tripping hazards in aisles, there are several ways a slip and fall accident can occur in a grocery, big box, or retail store. Trying to obtain compensation from stores like these can be difficult, however, so it is important to work with an experienced personal injury attorney in your case.

Public Spaces: Parks, public buildings, streets, and sidewalks are all places where people are susceptible to slip and fall accidents, especially when there is a lack of maintenance or poor weather conditions.

Work: Workplace slip and fall accidents are a common occurrence and happen for a variety of reasons. When a slip and fall accident occurs at work, it is important to remember to file a workers compensation claim.

Rented Homes and Apartments: When people are injured from slip and fall accidents at a rented home or apartment, the blame can fall on the tenant, landlord, or both. Faulty staircases, handrails, and poorly maintained walkways can all result in slip and fall accidents.

Hotels and Resorts: As with retail stores, it can be difficult to obtain compensation for a slip and fall accident at a hotel or resort. If you slipped on a wet deck or tripped over maintenance equipment left in a hallway, it is important to report the incident promptly and follow all necessary procedures.

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